Ohio Parks

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“A healthy, safe park represents more than a walk in the woods… it represents a school, a beacon to workers, a health club, a carbon offset, an art gallery, a preventative care facility, a tourist attractor, a mental health sanctuary, a water purification system, a community center, a laboratory, a library, a source of added value for nearby private property and a competitive boost for business. It is hard to imagine a more efficient use for a public dollar.”

Director Sean D. Logan,
Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Ohio state park units include natural reserves, recreation areas, and historic sites. These breath-taking lands are found in every corner of the state and are supported by tax dollars and private donations.

The Ohio State Parks application, for your iPod touch and iPhone, is a resource you can use to discover new places to enjoy your favorite activities. It includes park description, location, activities, operation hours, and contact information. Use the app to search for your favorite activity, find the best park, preview photographs, find current weather conditions, and plan your next experience.

While youre there, you can snap a photo or two right on your device (if available) and submit the photo(s) to be included for everyone to enjoy as they plan their next experience.

There are treasures in our own backyards we dont even know about. Now is the time to discover a whole new world of possibility, without the hassle of the hunt.

*This application is neither provided nor endorsed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.